We have an abundance of fertile working land in our section of the county.  If we want that land to continue working--as farmland, water source protection, flood control and wildlife habitat, we have to take a stand for it now.  For the last twenty years I have worked to protect working land and open spaces.  For the last two years I have chaired the Washtenaw County Agricultural Lands Preservation Advisory Committee (ALPAC) and also chair the Northfield Township Land Preservation Committee.  

Hand-in-hand with conservation of working and natural lands are healthy urban areas and hamlets.  Areas with existing infrastructure bear the burden of disinvestment when developers build just outside where corn grew last year.  Encouraging affordable infill development creates healthy economic growth that benefits us all, whether we live in town or out in the country.

Whether in the rural areas or the more urban areas, residents need jobs that pay their bills, and optimally, give them satisfaction. I will support policies that encourage small businesses to prosper. Many County services address quality of life:  parks, land preservation, water quality, child development and mental health services.  For those who are struggling to find a decent job or make ends meet, I will work to remove barriers to economic, educational and health security.